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Wifi Worship Ibadan City

Wifi Worship is here again! This is another opportunity to come together in a serene and relaxing environment, to share the gospel of Christ -Jesus has RISEN; He is Alive His birth- on the internet, using our mobile devices and FREE Wifi powered by SMILE Telecom, thereby promoting Internet Evangelism.

Wifi Worship Ibadan City aims at celebrating the crucification, death and resurrection of Jesus, sharing his pains and love via images and videos online, thus promoting digital evangelism and ultimately to remind people of His coming-both believers and unbelievers.

Wifi Worship IbCity also features dancing, fun, comedy, refreshment and lots of giveaways. It is slated to hold on the 14th of April, 2017 at Agodi Garden, Ibadan.

Admission is free, but registration is required; it is on the first come first serve basis.

Ibadan City's Wifi Worship is powered by Smile telecom and supported by Neo-Skill Consulting, iT360 Magazine, MTerra Comms and RaveTV, Communication Week to mention a few.

Wifi Worship Campaign
Let your voice be heard, participate in Wifi Worship IbCity campaign by writing a short story about Christ's resurrection in 140 characters or fewer and win a smartphone and internet modem. Tweet us @echurchproject.

Terms and conditions apply.

How to Enter:

* Tag your short story tweets with the hashtag, #EssenceOfEaster

* Each short story must be contained in a single tweet. No story may not be longer than 140 characters (including #EssenceOfEaster).

* You can submit up to five stories (five tweets). Any additional submissions will not be judged.

* You have until Saturday, 8th to submit to the contest.

The winners of the contest will receive a smartphone (Solo Phone) and Internet modem (Smile Device).
We hope that you'll participate in the course, and join our Facebook event. You can participate on Facebook, Instagram or by using the hashtag #EssenceOfEaster on Twitter and Instagram.

Want to be involved? Here's how you add your voice to our #WifiWorshipIbCity campaign in 3 easy steps on Facebook:

- Join the #WifiWorshipIbCity3.0 Facebook Event to receive updates, info and teasers of the video you will share on April 14th.


- Invite and encourage friends and family to join the movement and share the Gospel.


- Be bold and share the #WifiWorshipIbCity Gospel Images as well as video on April 14th (we will remind you to share).


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