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Media has been revolutionized and redefined; it's impact is greatly influencing the church massively.

How has this new media been influencing your church?

Is your Church or Ministry championing this cause or at the fore front ?

Any Ministry that must survive in this 21st century should invest resources in building the capacity of its media ministry's personnel and emerging media in order to remain relevant and effectively communicate with this dynamic and ever changing generation.

This one day capacity development workshop for media ministry's personnel is designed to teach and explore churches/ministries to the emerging media.

Not only that, this workshop's scope will indepthly expatiate on how to harness these new platforms to help build a state-of-the-art media ministry that seamlessly and visually connect, interact and engage conversations within the four walls of the church.

The workshop will be facilitated by seasoned Media Professionals, Sound Engineers as well as Video Editing Professionals.



1. Pastor Femi Olotorin (CEO of Bezallio Concepts)

2. Ayo Paseda (Audio Engineer), CEO Brandshift_

3. Pastor Emmanuel Coker (Adobe Video Expert), Power of Short Video.

*You will learn how to:

▪ Build and develop a digital media department, such as multimedia unit etc for your church.

▪ Learn best strategy for buying media equipment, such as sound equipment, lightening etc from the media experts.

▪ Create a routine maintenance culture for managing your media equipment.

▪ Learn how to create short videos using your mobile phone.

▪ Strategy for reducing wear and tear of your media equipment.


Top five (5) reasons to attend:

1. Attend practical educational session, learn and experience hands-on practical media knowledge.

2. Network with successful media experts and media stakeholders in the church space.

3. Gain insight into emerging media infrastructure and tap into industry experts from diverse vendors.

4. Become a sought-after media ministry.

5. Get exposed and experience new media infrastructures and applications.

Unarguably, media ministry workshop will enlighten and empower your media team to begin to see the possibility of harnessing the emerging media to build the future emerging church.

Target Audience:



ABOUT eChurch Project

eChurch project was borne out of the need to see churches move beyond their present state by leveraging on emerging technologies to help churches gain (Global) online presence through the use of technology tools (social, mobile, etc.) thus increasing the propagation of the gospel beyond the four walls of the church...

We are committed to taking eChurch project across all the 36 states of the federation, primarily to help ministers take the gospel out of the four walls of the church. Therefore, we debuted  "eChurch Project-On-Wheel", an initiative that sensitises the ministers of the gospel about the future church. By His grace and strengths, we have launched in seven (7) state of the federation, namely: Oyo State, Lagos State, Osun State, Edo State, Ogun State and Kogi State.


  • 100% Hands-On
  • Media Exhibition
  • Panel Discussion


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